A Consulation
Why a Consultation Session might be the right choice for you

There’s no doubt that you will find all the information you need about publishing online. There are endless videos, podcasts, downloadable how-to documents, free books, articles, blogs, and more. The information is truly priceless.

However, you may want someone to answer specific questions or may not have found exactly what you’re looking for. You might just want to cut down on time and through all the noise. It would just be nice to speak to someone to discuss:

  • Publishing your book: how, when, and why?
  • Your goal and your definition of success. Being realistic.
  • The difference between traditional publishing, self-publishing, and indie author publishing.
  • The importance of doing research about the self-publishing process.
  • The importance of trust: falling on scammers. (Unfortunately, there are some out there.)
  • Your readers, your niche, your market.
  • Creative control of your work.
  • Your public face and how to market yourself and your work: from website/blog to book cover.
  • Book genre and category. Research and accuracy.
  • The difference between a blog and an article.
  • The importance of good document, proposal, presentation, and email writing.
  • Print and the importance of font choice, book cover, book size, paper, and design.
  • eBook publishing steps. What do ISBN, DRM, MATCHBOOK, and BOOK LENDING mean?
  • Indie audio book production and sales. What do ACX and ASIN mean?
  • The cost of hiring a designer, typesetter, editor, proofreader, and narrator.
  • The cost of hiring a self-publishing company.
  • The cost of publishing it yourself. What does POD mean and does it cost anything?
  • The cost of printing.
  • Your sales channel/platform options. The advantages and disadvantages of exclusivity.
  • Retailers, royalties, and selling on consignment.

Speaking with an experienced self-published author who has helped many other authors successfully publish their eBooks and paperbacks might be the right choice for you.

We can answer all these questions and many others you may have. We will refer you to other professionals if your request is beyond our scope. We believe that “self-publishing education” is an affordable investment and that our prices reflect every Indie’s budget.

One or several one-on-one sessions may be all you need. We’re just a CLICK ME away!