Marketing Coaching


Sometimes, we just need coaching
  • Know your audience!
  • Who are my customers? Who do I want my customers to be?
  • Do I need a brand? What is my brand?
  • Are people picking up what I’m putting down? Will people buy what I’m selling, even if it’s free?
  • What am I selling?
  • How much will people pay? How can I sell it if it’s free?
  • Where will people find what I’m selling?
  • How will people know that what I’m selling even exists?
  • What are my goals and do I need a marketing strategy?
  • Are my goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic or Relevant, Timely?
  • How will I achieve my goals and do I need a marketing plan?
  • The look of your book, pamphlet, website, cover, poster, and any other marketing tool will help you achieve your goals.
  • More and more people are buying products and services online. Books are no exception.
  • Your book cover is your strongest marketing tool and can attract readers.
  • Your website is your best calling card and can attract an audience.
  • Creating effective posters and visiting cards is a science and an art.
  • Always, always … expect the unexpected!

You may be asking yourself all these, and other questions. We suggest a coaching session. If you are interested in speaking with a professional, we would be happy to answer your questions and chat about your marketing strategy, plan, and best available tools.

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